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Elpha Essentials

NEW! VitaminKei® - Bone and Teeth Booster Premium Growth Booster Liquid Supplement for Kids

NEW! VitaminKei® - Bone and Teeth Booster Premium Growth Booster Liquid Supplement for Kids

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VitaminKei® Bone and Teeth Booster is a highly absorbent premium growth booster liquid supplement, specially developed by world’s renowned doctors with key ingredients for your growing child. It is a quadruple functional health supplement for children that combines calcium, magnesium, vitamin D and immuno-essential mineral zinc for bone joints and teeth. It also contains xylitol sub-raw material that reduces streptococcus mutans. Its delicious yogurt taste helps young children enjoy their easy-to-drink liquid supplement with quick absorption.

Calcium is the key for growing and building strong bones and teeth during infancy and childhood, when calcium intake is necessary due to the increased demand in the body. The German calcium citrate used in VitaminKei® Bone and Teeth Booster has 22-27% increased bioavailability for better absorption and digestion.

VitaminKei Bone and Teeth Booster provides these two essential minerals — Calcium and Magnesium, combined with Vitamin D and Zinc in a balanced, higher absorbable and great tasting formula which kids would love. These are the primary nutrients required for supporting your child’s healthy bone growth and development.

Product benefits:
Stronger bones and teeth
Improve appetite
Increase absorption of nutrients
Boost body’s immunity and health
Improve mood and ease anxiety
Promote restful sleep and increase energy level
Boost height growth
Support muscular development
Support brain and cognitive development
Increase bone density
Promote optimal nerve transmission and neuromuscular coordination
Promote gut health and bowel regulation

✅ Additives FREE
✅ Preservatives FREE
✅ Gluten FREE
✅ Sodium FREE
✅ Trans fat FREE
✅ Cholesterol FREE

📌 Licensed and Health certified by Korea FDA
📌 Certified by GMP
📌 Product Safety Insured by Samsung
📌 Certified Food Safety System 22000
📌 Certified Health Functional Food Safety by Kiwa

Each box consists of 14 packets.

To consume:
6 months old to 3 years old: 1 packet daily
4 years old to 16 years old: 2 packets daily

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